McLaren criticizes top teams: "They don't see the bigger picture"

03-05-2020 19:11 | Updated: 03-05-2020 21:40
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McLaren criticizes top teams: They don't see the bigger picture

There is still no agreement on the further reduction of the budget ceiling in Formula 1. An agreement has been reached on an amount of $145 million per season for a team, but a couple of race stables would like to see a few tens of millions removed. An agreement is still a long way off and that bothers Zak Brown.

Teams such as Red Bull Racing and Ferrari are reluctant to agree to changes that the McLaren boss believes are vital for the future of the sport. "I think there’s a real opportunity here to level the playing field, which is what the fans want", Brown starts telling RACER.

He warns that due to the financial problems of the corona crisis, smaller teams could decide to leave Formula 1. "I think the people that own teams, if they don’t feel they have a shot at being competitive then why are they in the sport?", Brown says.

McLaren wants to make cake bigger

The American is sorry that top teams don't see the 'bigger picture'. "It’s very frustrating to see that they don’t see the bigger picture that we can make the pie bigger — maybe they have a slightly smaller piece of the pie but the pie’s a lot bigger, than having the entire pie but the pie might be real small if we keep up our old habits", said Brown, who finally took a second warning shot. “I think there are a couple of teams that can afford this crisis more than others but I think they run a real risk of — at the extreme — putting the sport out of business."

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