Coulthard orders Aston Martin Valkyrie: "Wants him because of Newey"

01-05-2020 09:15
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Coulthard orders Aston Martin Valkyrie: Wants him because of Newey

David Coulthard will soon receive two very expensive cars at home. These are Aston Martin Valkyrie and a Mercedes Project One, each equipped with more than 1000 hp. The former Formula 1 driver motivates his choices to buy these supercars.

"I really don't have many cars," reveals Coulthard at Goodwood Road & Racing. There are a few cars in his garage with which he raced in the past, so there will be two more very special cars in the near future. "I have ordered a Valkyrie and a Project One. I'm on the waiting list for both cars."

Relationship with Newey one of the factors

Both cars have more than 1000 hp and are powered by hybrid engines. The German made Project One even includes the powertrain that the team also uses in Formula 1. The fact that Coulthard is on the waiting list is not just anything, because the cars are only produced in very limited numbers. His Formula 1 past will undoubtedly have contributed to this.

"I would like to have the Valkyrie because of Adrian Newey", the Scotsman explains. Coulthard used to work with Newey and is good friends with the top designer. "I've worked with him at Williams, McLaren and Red Bull Racing. The only reason I can afford the car is because I've driven his cars and won a couple of races," he laughs.

Coulthard surprised by Mercedes

The Channel 4 Formula 1 analyst continues his story: "The Valkyrie will be something special, especially aerodynamic, because the car was developed by Adrian," said Coulthard, who is also looking forward to receiving the Project One car. "I ordered it because I'm a Mercedes man. It is a demonstration of German engineering. Somehow they managed to integrate this (Formula 1) engine into a car for the normal road. Actually a Formula 1 engine shouldn't work in a street car."

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