Remarkable statement by Wolff: "In 2020 may no longer be present at all GP's"

27-04-2020 18:24 | Updated: 27-04-2020 20:00
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Remarkable statement by Wolff: In 2020 may no longer be present at all GP's

Toto Wolff can't wait to start the 2020 Formula 1 season. The team boss of Mercedes hopes to give Lewis Hamilton a seventh world championship and according to the Austrian, Hamilton is more than ready for that. Wolff also says he misses Niki Lauda in these difficult times.

"Next season I'll still be team boss at Mercedes, although I might divide my time differently and I won't be present at every Grand Prix", Wolff raises his eyebrows in conversation with Österreich. However, the objective remains the same as in previous seasons. "I want to make my contribution to help Hamilton win his seventh world title".

If Hamilton succeeds in doing so, Hamilton equals Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher. How is the British driver going to make sure he gets off to a sharp start when (most likely) the Red Bull Ring will be driven in the first weekend of July. "He was used to travelling a lot, but that's now gone. He knows how to make good use of the time that has now been freed up," says Wolff. "He has more time to train and can't wait to get started. He comes back with even more motivation, he assures me that with every phone call".

Wolff misses Lauda

The 48-year-old top man indicates that he missed one person in particular during the coronavirus outbreak. "That's Lauda with his pragmatism as the voice of the nation. He is even more present to me as a human being during these special, new living conditions than he is during Formula 1 weekends. I often wonder: What would Niki have said?", concludes Wolff.

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