Gasly reveals: "F1 drivers putting Vettel 'under pressure""

26-04-2020 18:49
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Gasly reveals: F1 drivers putting Vettel 'under pressure

Sebastian Vettel doesn't have much with social media and until recently also not with sim racing, but in the meantime the Ferrari driver has bought a simulator. Other Formula 1 drivers have put him under a bit of pressure, Pierre Gasly reveals.

"The other drivers put more and more pressure on him, so he tried anyway," Gasly says. Charles Leclerc is very successful in sim racing as a team mate of Vettel. The 22-year old Monegask managed to win two races of the official F1 sim racing championship.

Vettel not to be admired on social media

Can Gasly and his colleagues also ensure that Vettel considers his position on social media? The AlphaTauri driver has a hard head in that. "In 2019 and 2020, everyone of our generation will be on social media, except Sebastian. He is the only exception," says Gasly at RACER. "We're still urging him to use Instagram as well, because it's not normal these days not to be on social media".

Nineteen drivers from the royal class of the autoport currently have an account on Instagram, even the down-to-earth Finn Kimi Raikkonen. In any case, Vettel is not going to change his mind, not even at the time of the coronavirus. "I prefer to spend my time doing meaningful things," said the four-time world champion.

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