Verstappen gets support from Grosjean: "Don't feel good about that"

26-04-2020 18:07
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Verstappen gets support from Grosjean: Don't feel good about that

Like Max Verstappen, Romain Grosjean thinks the platform iRacing is more realistic than the game F1 2019. The Haas F1-driver feels more comfortable with iRacing and states that the car's behaviour is much closer to reality. That's why Grosjean finds it difficult to compete in the official sim racing championship of Formula 1.

"The F1 game I’ve tried a little bit and didn’t get a great feel initially", Grosjean is quoted by The Race. The Frenchman even gave up at some point. "I put it aside and went more into iRacing. I, for some reason, appreciate the GT cars and I feel iRacing is a little bit more realistic in terms of how the car behaves. I think I’m not the only one with that comment I believe."

Max Verstappen didn't want to participate in the F1 Simrace Championship, because there is racing with F1 2019 and he never plays that game. That would make him much slower than other drivers and Grosjean is of the same opinion. "I know F1 really wants me to join and I would love to, but still, if it’s me two seconds off the pace it’s a bit tough", he explains.

Grosjean still learning

Due to the coronavirus Grosjean started sim racing, because initially the 34 year old driver was not so active. "Well it’s great fun, there’s a lot of really interesting stuff like the setup and so on needs to be spot on. It’s a bit of a full job at the beginning, understanding the fuel level, if you do or don’t change tyres in a race which I didn’t even know how to select in the beginning so I was like ‘why am I so slow in the pitstops?’ and I was told ‘because you’re changing tyres’. “There’s a lot of things you need to learn but it’s good fun", concludes the Formula 1 driver.

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