Jos about Max Verstappen at Mercedes: "Financially, it will be very difficult"

13-04-2020 18:40
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Jos about Max Verstappen at Mercedes: Financially, it will be very difficult

Many fans might have secretly hoped for a quick switch from Max Verstappen to Mercedes. However, the Red Bull Racing driver decided to join his current Austrian employer until 2023 and according to Jos Verstappen this is the right choice. Max's father thinks it wouldn't have gone well if Lewis Hamilton had become the team mate of the 22 year old driver.

It's no secret that Toto Wolff is a fan of the way Verstappen drives in Formula 1. Moreover, the Austrian chief is good friends with Jos and that's why last year a transfer from the Dutchman wasn't ruled out.


"Financially, it will be very difficult as well", says Jos Verstappen in conversation with GP Racing. Just like Verstappen, Hamilton earns power on an annual basis. The former Formula 1 driver says he understands that many fans had hoped for a fight with Hamilton in an equal car. "The outside world would have loved that, but… probably it is not a good idea…” Two captains on one ship have gone wrong more often than right in Formula 1 in the past.

Verstappen indeed had a clause in contract

In the magazine Verstappen sr. confirms the existence of a breakaway clause in the previous contract that the eight-time Grand Prix winner had with the team of Helmut Marko and Christian Horner. "It has to do with position (in the world championship, ed.). But then I must say Max always wanted to stay". Rumours were that Verstappen had to be third in the battle for the world title at the start of the summer break. He fulfilled that assignment.

"He has a very good feeling with the team. I think this is the most important thing. Max also has the last word on [the] decision. But he feels very comfortable with Red Bull – he’s settling in very well," Jos continues his story. The former driver of Arrows and others thinks his son has handled Daniel Ricciardo's departure very well. "I think Max took it on very well. The car was difficult to drive but Max could manage it – and also the way he handled things, he’s getting more and more professional."

Marko and Verstappen like it

The relationship with Marko will also be discussed. The advisor of the Austrian team is known for saying what it stands for. The relationship between Verstappen and Marko is very good. "He’s very close with Helmut [Marko] – Helmut likes him, Max likes Helmut – it’s always been like that. Helmut is a big fan of Max. I think he is the kind of driver Helmut likes. Also, the way Max is – straightforward – I think Helmut is a bit like that."

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