Ron Dennis has become a philanthropist: "Have to be satisfied with my reflection"

12-04-2020 15:25
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Ron Dennis has become a philanthropist: Have to be satisfied with my reflection

For years Ron Dennis was team boss at McLaren, where he was successful and ran the place in an iconic, calculated way. Nowadays, the Brit is dealing with very different things.

Because of the coronavirus, many companies and individuals get into trouble. Generous individuals are now trying to do their bit by donating money to institutions and charities. One of them is former McLaren team boss Ron Dennis.

In 2017, the British businessman sold or divested all his shares in companies, which means he no longer has anything to do with his former team or motorsport in general. "I have chosen a whole new direction. My world is now the philanthropic one," says Dennis to Sky.

The qualities of Ron Dennis

Among other things, the UK has donated a million euros to the National Health Services in the UK, which is currently engaged in a tough fight against the coronavirus. "My legacy will be that I have tried to do the best with the knowledge, skill and attention to style. The qualities that distinguished my style during my active time in the commercial world," Dennis explains his turnaround.

The former team boss doesn't want his choice to mean that everyone should do the same. "I won't criticize anyone. The bottom line is that everyone should do what they think is right. They have to live with their thoughts and their actions. And they have to be content with their reflection, be it footballers, drivers or athletes in general", concludes the philanthropist.

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