Hamilton urges Chinese to treat dogs better

10-04-2020 19:55
by Editorial Team
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Hamilton urges Chinese to treat dogs better

Lewis Hamilton has been known in recent years as an athlete who is committed to all kinds of things outside of Formula 1. On social media, for example, he is regularly concerned about the climate and animal rights are also high on his list of priorities. Through Instagram he now encourages the Chinese to vote for a certain law to protect dogs.

"To all my fans in China, I would be so grateful if you could vote and push for this. This has to stop!", Hamilton says firmly when he shares a message on Instagram about the possible new law.

In China, eating dogs is seen as a delicacy and to a lesser extent cats are also considered a delicacy. If this law is passed, dogs and cats will be covered by pets and will no longer be allowed to be eaten in the whole of China. At the moment only the city of Shenzen has actually implemented this ban.

The fact that the Chinese government is thinking about this measure is not entirely out of the blue. Dogs and cats are kept alive in cages on Chinese markets for as long as possible and then slaughtered on the spot. Because of the wide variety of animals and products traded in the same area, there is a greater risk of spreading diseases such as the COVID-19 virus.

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