FIA comes out: "Wants to finish next F1 season in 2020"

10-04-2020 06:56 | Updated: 10-04-2020 06:58
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FIA comes out: Wants to finish next F1 season in 2020

Jean Todt announced Friday morning that there is a considerable chance that the coming Formula 1 season will also be 'normal' in 2020. The President of the FIA considers it unlikely that there will be racing until February 2020 and that the 2021 season will start a month later.

"If we know when we can start, we can have at least two or three Grands Prix a month after that," says Todt at The Frenchman hopes to start a new Formula 1 season in July or August. "If we continue until December then we will have six months. And six times three Grands Prix, then we'd have eighteen races". That's about the same as Ross Brawn said he hoped.

The FIA wants to finish the F1 season in 2020.

To make that possible, Todt warns that a lot of 'flexibility' and 'creativity' is needed to create such a calendar. From that point of view, it has been suggested in recent weeks that the season could last until January 2020, perhaps February 2020. However, the FIA seems to be looking at other options first. "At the moment, it doesn't seem likely."

The plan has been discussed at the table, but is seen as the very last option. "It has been discussed and it's also partly in the hands of commercial rights holders, who have contracts," Todt continues. "For us as an overarching body, it's ultimately a question of saying yes or no."

Number of 19 GP's is not guaranteed

The highest priority now is to start the season, with or without an audience. But Todt doesn't rule out the following: "It may be safe for promoters to organize a race, but they just don't want it. In which they say 'I'm not in the mood to organize a race now'. Because a race should be a celebration."

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