Eng shares opinion Verstappen: "There are games that come closer to simulation"

09-04-2020 16:15
by Editorial Team
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Eng shares opinion Verstappen: There are games that come closer to simulation

According to DTM driver Philipp Eng there is a clear difference between game and reality. The Austrian driver competed for Red Bull Racing in the virtual Grand Prix of Bahrain, but after that race Eng joins the opinion of Max Verstappen. The Dutchman already said he would never race in 'F1 2019' because he is not going to put his time in the game. 

"There are other games that come closer to simulation," says Eng at ORF Sport+. The Austrian was allowed to join Red Bull in the virtual Grand Prix, but was replaced by Alex Albon in the Grand Prix that followed. Alexander Wurz also thinks that the current game of Codemasters is still a long way from reality, but that steps have already been made. "In the current situation the reality is still far away, but with the simulators of our time they come close".

Learned a lot from first simulator

Wurz says he worked with McLaren on a modern simulator. "I was the first driver ever to develop a simulator and drive with McLaren. We've learned a lot and we've made great strides that are now reflected in racing games", Wurz tells Motorsport-Total.com.

Philipp Eng knows a good way to describe where the game of Codemasters stands now. "I'd say it's between two categories, between a real simulator and a game". So according to Eng, they are already on the right track, but there is still a lot to do to make the official F1 game a real simulator for the fans.

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