Gasly decided to stay longer in Australia and is now bored in Dubai

08-04-2020 17:41 | Updated: 09-04-2020 09:45
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Gasly decided to stay longer in Australia and is now bored in Dubai

Once it became known that the Australian Grand Prix would not be held in the weekend of 15 March, a number of drivers flew back to Europe immediately. Max Verstappen, Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen were already on the plane when the crowd in Albert Park were still waiting in line at the entrance.

Pierre Gasly decided to stay in Melbourne when he heard that the Grand Prix would not take place due to the threat of the coronavirus.  In conversation with the Italian Autosprint he explains why.

"It all seemed a bit calmer", Gasly refers to the relatively low number of infections and the predominantly relaxed attitude of the Australian government. "That's why I stayed another week in Melbourne with my personal trainer. Among other things, we had a great time with the rental doctor. When the situation changed there too, we decided to fly back."

Day out in Dubai becomes weeks of isolation

On the way the Frenchman of AlphaTauri decided to make a stopover in Dubai as well. "We decided to stay there for a few days. Those days have changed into weeks and where at first people still had a lot of room to move, everything has now become much stricter. I can only go to the supermarket."

Although in principle it is still possible to fly to Europe, Gasly prefers to stay in the United Arab Emirates because of the current situation. Although he says he is getting quite bored there. He spends most of his days training in a secluded space.

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