Villeneuve critical of hobbies Verstappen: "It has nothing to do with sport"

07-04-2020 15:48
by Editorial Team
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Villeneuve critical of hobbies Verstappen: It has nothing to do with sport

It's the way in which both the F1 fan and the F1 driver can still get their money's worth: Simracing. Every week there are official and less official simulation races held with famous drivers and big names in the online racing world. Jacques Villeneuve, former Verstappen-critic, doesn't like it one bit.

Jacques Villeneuve's opinion of Max Verstappen in 2019 had actually changed considerably. At first the Canadian had nothing to do with the phenomenon that turned out to be Verstappen, but in 2019 he saw that the Dutchman is a gem on the asphalt.

Now the old F1-driver tends to go back to the criticism. Max Verstappen is an avid sim racer and shines in several events every week. Villeneuve should have nothing of this hobby.

Nothing to do with sports

In conversation with the French Canal+, the Canadian therefore gives his blunt opinion: "Simracing has nothing to do with sports. It's just some video games."

In the official online GP of Australia Charles Leclerc took victory on Sunday. The Monegask admitted that indeed a lot less is asked of your body and that it is not a top sport. The Ferrari driver stepped out of his seat heavily sweaty and indicated that it was nevertheless a tough race.

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