Frijns impressed by Verstappen: "We're going to see a lot of Max in that respect"

06-04-2020 19:56 | Updated: 06-04-2020 20:23
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Frijns impressed by Verstappen: We're going to see a lot of Max in that respect

Robin Frijns is impressed by Max Verstappen. This year's 28-year-old driver in Formula E and DTM finds the Red Bull Racing driver together with Lewis Hamilton outstanding in Formula 1. Frijns is curious to see who is really better.

"Max is now a bit of the man in Formula 1, along with Hamilton. I think they stand out from the crowd", Frijns says at RTL GP. In conversation with Allard Kalff he thinks we will see some great battles between Verstappen and Charles Leclerc in the coming years. "Leclerc's coming too, I think. They didn't really have the car last year at Ferrari, at least as long as it was legal I'll say".

Verstappen has been able to impress both Toro Rosso and Red Bull in Formula 1 from the first moment. "Look, Max joins Red Bull and wins his first race in Barcelona and since then he has left. In that respect we're going to see a lot of Max in the coming years", suspects Frijns, who knows it won't be due to the qualities or mentality of the 22-year old from Limburg. "He just has to have the car now."

Verstappen vs. Hamilton

If Verstappen becomes world champion in 2020, he will be the youngest driver ever with a World Championship title behind his name. "It's up to the car, it's up to the team. If he were to get into a Mercedes next to Hamilton, I would like to see him become champion, but there are so many other things at stake in that world. You have so many factors that have to be right. If one thing isn't right, you don't become a champion," concludes Frijns, who was a reserve driver in the king's class of motorsport for Caterham for a year. 

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