Albon: "Asked Leclerc which lap he was going to pit"

06-04-2020 15:32 | Updated: 06-04-2020 15:35
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Albon: Asked Leclerc which lap he was going to pit

Alexander Albon participated in the official F1 sim race on Sunday. The Red Bull Racing driver finished eighth, after ending the first lap in a spin and starting from the back again. For the young Briton it was a completely new experience.

"I asked the guys on the Red Bull's Esports Team what to do," laughs Albon in conversation with Sky Sports during a vodcast. Max Verstappen's team mate also wanted to pick up some tips from competitor Charles Leclerc just before the race. "Two minutes before that I asked Charles which lap he was going to pit, because I really had no idea what to do. We'll be better prepared next time, but it was definitely fun to do".

Albon and Leclerc drove differently

Albon drove with assists, which means he had an anti-brake system (ABS) in his car. "I had it, just like almost everyone else on the field. Only Charles, his brother (Arthur, ed.) and Christian Lungaard drove without that assist", said Albon, who also saw the Monegasque Ferrari driver win immediately. "I don't know if it's faster to drive without ABS".

In any case, Albon is not mourning that he drove with assists during his debut in the Championship. After former Formula 1 driver Johnny Herbert says he drove without ABS because 'otherwise he would have been lying in the wall every lap', Albon adds laughing: "That goes for me as well. During this conversation Charles sent a message to get back online tonight". Maybe he'll get his chance for revenge.

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