Webber: ''The long break can bring big surprises''

06-04-2020 12:47 | Updated: 06-04-2020 12:53
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Webber: ''The long break can bring big surprises''

With the first eight races on the Formula 1 calendar postponed or even cancelled, the drivers now have the longest break of their careers. According to Mark Webber this could result in some surprises once the season starts.

The Australian speaks at Precision Hydration about the long break of Formula 1. Some drivers are still preparing in the simulator a lot, but according to Webber a long break is not so good for every driver. They are more quiet now anyway and it could just appear at the start of the season in much inferior form.

Reboot for drivers

''I think some drivers will be a little uncomfortable starting the season. It's the longest break F1 has ever known and even if the season would start in June, the drivers haven't raced for six months. Twelve weeks are normally a long time, but this is a lot'', says Webber.

''If you've lost the routines, mistakes are quickly made. It could just be that there are big surprises at the start of the season. Not only the drivers have to get used, but what about the guys who do the pit stops'', concludes Webber who is keen tosee when the season start.

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