Rosberg: ''With Verstappen near, the chance of an outage is much higher''

06-04-2020 10:56
by Editorial Team
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Rosberg: ''With Verstappen near, the chance of an outage is much higher''

Nico Rosberg only rode alongside Max Verstappen for two seasons, but the German did notice one thing. At least, when asked about the most annoying driver to race against.

In 2015 Rosberg won't suffer much from Verstappen yet, as the Dutchman will be further on the grid in his debut year in the Toro Rosso. After four races, however, Verstappen will get into the car of Red Bull Racing and Rosberg will have to fight the young talent in his Mercedes. The German eventually wins the world title, but Verstappen has kept up with him.

Verstappen is annoying

''Max Verstappen is clearly the most annoying driver to run into. I am a huge fan of him and he is a great driver to watch. However, if you are near him in the race, that increases the chance of a breakaway tenfold. In the last races of my world title he was always close by and in three out of four he even passed me'', the German at Sky Sports says.

However, Rosberg is not negative about the Dutchman, because he estimates him as a great contender for the world title and sees Red Bull with the Dutchman as the biggest defender of the title and former employer of Rosberg: Mercedes.

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