Leclerc actually wanted the starting number of Raikkonen and Gasly

04-04-2020 14:33
by Editorial Team
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Leclerc actually wanted the starting number of Raikkonen and Gasly

Superstition sometimes plays an important role for Formula 1 drivers. The smallest things can make a difference to the feeling in the car. That's why many drivers value the start number they drive around with. This is sometimes difficult, because many numbers are already taken.

Since a few years Formula 1 drivers are allowed to choose their own starting number. This has been done so that fans can better distinguish the drivers from each other. Many of the most popular starting numbers have therefore already been chosen for debutants. Max Verstappen, for example, wanted to drive his own with the number 3, but because Daniel Ricciardo already had it, he chose the number 33. Charles Leclerc had the same problem when he entered the sport.

"I actually wanted the number 7 first, but Kimi already had it", he says when he answers questions from fans on the Instagram account of Ferrari. "Then I wanted the number 10, but Gasly came into the sport in the middle of the season and took that number. So I chose the number 16. One plus six is seven and it's also the day I was born, so it's a number that I have a problem with".

Leclerc kicks a ball before he gets in the car

In addition to choosing a starting number, there are other things that seem to have no effect on performance on the track, but that drivers are still concerned with. Certain rituals before getting into the car, for example. Leclerc has an example of this as well.

"Yeah, I do a physical warm-up. A number of exercises that you can sometimes see on social media. That's part of the routine before I get in the car. I also play a bit with a football to train my reflexes, especially for the agility and precision of my feet. As soon as I get in the car I imagine the perfect lap, so I'm ready for the race".

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