Marko goes out into nature: "There's a lot less to do now"

04-04-2020 09:38 | Updated: 04-04-2020 09:49
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Marko goes out into nature: There's a lot less to do now

Helmut Marko would normally fly all over the world at this time of year at the age of 76 to help Max Verstappen or Alexander Albon to a victory, but Red Bull Racing's advisor is now at home. In all likelihood this will remain so for some time to come.

"Personally, I'm doing fine. I have a structured workflow and do some office work. But because there's much less to do, I spend half the day in nature", Marko says in an interview with ORF. In an earlier interview, the man from Graz hinted that he is going out with a chainsaw.

Marko's hotels completely empty

If Formula 1 does not go ahead, Marko would have a little more time for the four hotels he owns. However, because of the coronavirus, all hotels are empty as well. "It's creepy, a total standstill. All four hotels are closed." Of course this also affects the former Formula 1 driver financially and according to Marko it will take some time before all rooms will be fully booked again.

The Austrian expects it will take a couple of months before everything is 'normal' again. "Even if this crisis subsides, tourism will not get back on track so quickly. In general, the whole economy will be different and it will take a while before we are back to our normal routine and economic standard," he concludes.

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