Norris knows why he had fewer points than Sainz last year

03-04-2020 20:58
by Editorial Team
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Norris knows why he had fewer points than Sainz last year

Lando Norris drove an excellent first season with McLaren last year and beat his teammate Carlos Sainz in the qualifying game. However, Sainz got a lot more points from the young Englishman over the whole season. However, Norris does have an explanation for that.

Because Norris likes to joke around, he has the feeling that his performance of last season is not appreciated by everyone. The deficit in points could be explained because he is not serious enough. According to Norris this is absolutely not true and there is a simple explanation for the deficit.

"We both had bad races last year and missed opportunities", he says when talking to F1 Racing.  But after reviewing everything, there was a lot more points on my side which were lost down to reliability and problems and strategy mistakes than on Carlos’s side. That’s not because anything is biased, it’s just how it goes"

Norris want's to be more wise in strategic calls

Norris doesn't look for anything else behind this and doesn't blame the team, but simply considers it part of the sport. It reassures him about his performance last season, but that doesn't mean he can't do better himself.

"And I’m not saying that all the points gap to Carlos was because of that – some of it was because of me not doing good enough and being wise enough in strategic calls and so on. But it’s not something I’m worried about. Once you take into account how everything could and should have gone, it looks worse than it was."

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