Sainz about Norris: "Lando knows all kinds of tricks in that"

03-04-2020 10:22 | Updated: 03-04-2020 10:25
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Sainz about Norris: Lando knows all kinds of tricks in that

Now that Formula 1 is on its hole because of the coronavirus, Max Verstappen and Lando Norris spend a lot of their time sim racing. They are the two drivers from the king's class of motor racing who are the most fanatical. According to Carlos Sainz this is also the secret: making lots of hours to learn the tricks.

"They use it for entertainment," Sainz notes. "Max and Lando know all kinds of tricks. I sometimes drive a few laps in the simulator, but before you know those tricks, you're a long way away."

According to the McLaren driver, this has to do with the fact that each car and each track has to be attacked very differently as a simracer. "It's about how the car works and how it has to be adjusted and when exactly you have to brake," said Sainz, who believes that 'a lot of time is going into this'.

Alonso expects to lose to Verstappen and Norris

Fernando Alonso also speaks briefly. The compatriot of Sainz has some experience in simulators himself, but he suspects he wouldn't have any chance against Verstappen and Norris if he would take on them now. "They are undoubtedly faster", the double world champion is quoted by the Explica.

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