MP Motorsport: "We're expecting to drive in the summer"

02-04-2020 15:19
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MP Motorsport: We're expecting to drive in the summer

Not only Formula 1 is at a standstill, also all other racing classes are currently on break because of the corona virus. All teams and people involved are feeling this, because revenues are decreasing. From that perspective, starting as soon as possible is important, but the end of the coronavirus seems far away. The Dutch MP Motorsport team is also experiencing the consequences, but is approaching it in the most positive way possible.

No alarm bells yet

At team boss Sander Dorsman says he expects the season to eventually start, the only question is when. The only answer is to wait and see, but if the season gets cancelled altogether, there could be a problem for the Formula 2 team.

Dorsman: "We'll have to wait and see how it goes, but I expect that we will eventually be able to drive our season. That with a considerable delay of course, but as long as that prospect is there, it is okay. It will of course be different if the season doesn't go ahead at all. Let me put it this way: we're not sounding the alarm yet."

Enough to do

Although there is no driving now, there's enough to do at MP Motorsport. Dorsman says they have enough work to do, so the factory is still open. "We always have work here," he says, "and for the time being we can keep everyone busy. For example, we are working on an extra two-seater, a job that we can now take on nicely".

Should the entire season be cancelled, this will have financial consequences and Dorsman hopes to be able to appeal to the government. And otherwise the KNAF. But at the moment MP Motorsport can still hold out and they can certainly bridge the period until the summer, assuming that the season will start then.

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