F1 teams meet Monday: Small teams want even lower budget cap

02-04-2020 12:40 | Updated: 02-04-2020 12:56
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F1 teams meet Monday: Small teams want even lower budget cap

The Formula 1 season is still at a standstill and that has consequences for the future of many teams in the sport. However, on Monday the 6th of April the teams will meet to talk about a new budget cap in Formula 1.

Lower budget cap

The budget cap for the 2021 season had been set at $175 million, but with the current conditions due to the coronavirus, the situation has not gotten any easier for the small teams. In addition, this is a unique opportunity to lower the limit, now that the large teams already have to make huge savings.

Of course, teams don't have to travel now, but the costs remain bizarrely high for the teams, where there is no prize money or TV money in return. The small teams want a new budget cap of 100 million dollars, according to the often well-informed Auto, Motor und Sport. However, the three top teams are aiming for 150 million dollars.

More frozen parts

There is therefore a good chance that the sport will opt for a middle course, with which the budget cap will drop considerably in 2021. In addition, the teams will also talk about freezing the developments of several parts. For example, the bodywork may not be changed in 2021 and the gearbox and engine are also on the wish list of the small teams.

All in all, the coronavirus has quite an impact on the future of Formula 1. How will the teams come out of this crisis and what will the future look like? With a lower budget cap and more parts that remain the same, we can in any case expect that the field will only come closer together in the future.

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