McLaren sends staff on leave to reduce costs during coronavirus

02-04-2020 07:31 | Updated: 02-04-2020 07:52
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McLaren sends staff on leave to reduce costs during coronavirus

That the coronavirus has an impact on Formula 1 is obvious, but McLaren has taken the first major measures now that it has sent several members of staff on leave and is cutting drivers' salaries.

McLaren takes the first step again

It is one of the steps you can expect from multiple teams in the coming period. Because of the COVID-19 the first eight races have disappeared from the calendar and that means no income for the F1 teams. The FIA and the F1 are doing everything they can to help the teams, but the teams now have to intervene themselves.

For example, reports that they have already received the press release of McLaren, which states that several members of staff will be sent on leave to reduce costs. In addition, the staff members who are not sent on leave will have their salaries cut.

Norris and Sainz with a nice gesture

This also applies to Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris, but they seem to have offered it voluntarily when it became clear that staff would be sent on leave. A nice gesture from the drivers, who thus assume an important role as an example.

''The McLaren Group will temporarily send several members of staff on leave in order to reduce costs during this pandemic. We are taking these measures in order to protect jobs in the short term so that all our employees can return full time when the economy recovers," is the statement that came into the hands of The Race.

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