Verstappen wins again, but crashing computer deprives second win

02-04-2020 06:53
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Verstappen wins again, but crashing computer deprives second win

Max Verstappen continues to show that he is also one of the best drivers in the world of simracing. On Wednesday evening Verstappen took pole again, he won one race, but he also had to contend with the biggest disadvantage of online racing.

Verstappen dominates

The fifth round of the Team Redline championship was held at the Interlagos circuit in Brazil. For Verstappen it was certainly not unknown territory and he showed that in qualifying with the GTE cars. Verstappen took pole convincingly, with more than two tenths ahead of Lando Norris.

Also during the first race Verstappen was very dominant. From the start the Dutchman pulled a gap and Norris and Canapino never saw him back. Those two fought for second place on the podium and it was Norris who finally crossed the line first.

Balende Verstappen

Also for the second race Verstappen managed to impress with a pole position, but then fate struck. During the warm-up lap the Dutchman lost his connection with the server, which prevented him from participating in the race. ''My PC crashed'', was the explanation of Verstappen.

Lando got the pole in his lap, but he couldn't turn it into a win. The British driver finished second again and this time he had to put up with Ayhancan Guven. The McLaren driver finally came in at three tenths distance from the vice-champion in the Porsche Cup.

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