F1 engine manufacturers also close their doors

31-03-2020 18:22 | Updated: 31-03-2020 18:24
by Lennard Verhage
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F1 engine manufacturers also close their doors

The summer break has been brought forward because of the coronavirus, so the time in August can be used to have races that are postponed at the moment. During this summer break the teams are not allowed to continue working on the cars, now the work at the engine manufacturers also comes to a standstill.


Previously it was allowed for the engine manufacturers to continue working during the summer break. The four manufacturers (Ferrari, Mercedes, Honda and Renault) decided to close the factories in consultation with the FIA, writes Auto, Motor und Sport.

Ferrari has closed the factory for some time because of the large outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in Italy. Renault has its engine division in Viry-Chatillon shutdown because of the lockdown, they haven't worked since the 20th of March. Mercedes closed the factory on March 28, only Honda is still active.

So the agreement comes a bit later, since three of the four manufacturers had already stopped production. Only Honda hasn't yet indicated to the FIA that they have stopped production/development, but because of this agreement it won't take long anymore. Some factories are still working on other parts, but this is purely meant as a helping hand in the fight against the coronavirus.

In conclusion, AMuS writes that the FIA is now in consultation with the manufacturers to freeze the development of engines in 2021, as they will be driving with specifications of 2020. The development of the 2022 engine will of course be able to continue.

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