Ferrari and Red Bull don't agree with development stop gearbox

31-03-2020 15:24
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Ferrari and Red Bull don't agree with development stop gearbox

On Tuesday afternoon, the FIA proclaimed stricter rules for 2020, which will give the organisation more authority in its policy. Formula 1 has to give up a large part of the calendar during the COVID-19 pandemic and therefore more authority is needed. In any case, Ferrari and Red Bull already disagree with the first proposals.

The amended regulations issued by the FIA consist of a bundle of various cases. One of the most important changes is the ban on tinkering with aerodynamics for the 2022 cars in 2020. In 2022 the aero-rules will be changed drastically.

When the proposal was made to use the 2020 gearbox in 2021 it met with fierce resistance from Red Bull racing and Scuderia Ferrari, reports Michael Schmidt of Auto Motor und Sport. Mercedes would already have an advantage and the ban on further development for next year would mean a disadvantage for the competitors.

Aerodynamic disadvantages

The difference in the gearboxes is in the mounting. Mercedes knows how to fix it with four bolts while the other two rivals have to do it with six bolts. The result is a wider gearbox. This in turn causes an aerodynamic disadvantage.

The criticism on the idea of driving in 2021 with the same gearbox as in 2020 ensures that Mercedes retains the advantage. Still the teams have 'agreed' on the rule changes. Red Bull and Ferrari are probably not that happy.


Auto Motor und Sport reports that the rest of the teams, the FIA (Jean Todt) and Chase Carey agreed with each other. "They demand a total freeze on the gearbox, the suspension and the suspension. In addition, they want a lowering of the budgetcap." The FIA statement shows that all further development for the 2020 aerodynamics has already been curtailed.

The current announced budget ceiling is 175 million, but it is said that this will drop significantly. In times of crisis, considerable savings must be made. There is talk of a cap of 'only' 100 million euros.

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