Mick Schumacher thought advice was irrelevant: "It didn't change anything"

28-03-2020 18:54
by GPblog.com
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Mick Schumacher thought advice was irrelevant: It didn't change anything

Mick Schumacher has finished his first season in Formula 2. He finished twelfth in the general classification and managed to win one race for the Prema team. This year he will be back at the start with the same team.

Better understanding of the tyres

An important lesson in motorsport is saving tyres, something Schumacher learned later than others. He skipped the advice about saving tyres when he was still driving Formula 4 and only learned that in Formula 2.

"You're starting to understand the tyres better, which means that you try to keep life in the tyre as long as possible," Schumacher told Motorsport.com. "Baku is a circuit where wear and tear is not a problem. It allows you to attack more often and drive more aggressively because you don't have to be so careful with the tyres".

"On the circuits after Baku I paid much more attention to my tyres and then you fight less," says Schumacher. "At the end of the race the differences are bigger and it's often easier to catch up with someone".

Good advice

In Formula 4, Schumacher has already been told that saving tyres is very important in motorsport. The young German didn't do anything with that advice at the time, but in Formula 2 it turned out to be a good advice.

"In Formula 4 you can drive 100 percent every lap, nothing happens to the tyres", says Schumacher. "That was irrelevant to me at the time. Now, on the other hand, it would help me, because in F2 the construction of the tyre is completely different".


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