Isola about the 18-inch tyres: "We're still in the middle of development"

28-03-2020 17:58 | Updated: 28-03-2020 18:54
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Isola about the 18-inch tyres: We're still in the middle of development

Not only the Formula 1 teams are suffering from the corona crisis. Tyre supplier Pirelli also has problems. Mario Isola, race director of Pirelli, has joined Auto, Motor und Sport to talk about the effects on the production of the new 18-inch tyres.

18 inch tyres

Because Formula 1 has chosen to drive next season again with this year's chassis and to postpone the 2021 rules for a year, next season F1 will also not drive with 18-inch wheels. "We are in the middle of developing the 18-inch wheels", Isola begins. "We are in daily contact with the FIA and need to understand exactly what the plans for the future look like."

Difficult situation

"The situation is changing daily because of the COVID-19 virus", Isola continues. "Everyone is trying to respond to this unusual situation. We're trying to organize everything. Not only the future tyre development, but also the production of the tyres for this year's championship. We need to set priorities to deal with the situation with the necessary flexibility."

Isola says that the tests with the 18-inch wheels have been postponed for the moment. "We'll make a plan in advance for 2021 so we can test the tyres properly."

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