Coulthard expects quick F1 return: "In the short term without an audience."

28-03-2020 08:11
by Editorial Team
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Coulthard expects quick F1 return: In the short term without an audience.

While men like Bernie Ecclestone have a gloomy outlook and already consider the F1 season 2020 to be lost, former Formula 1 driver David Coulthard is optimistic. In Formula 1 Café at Ziggo Sport he says he expects action back on the track pretty soon.

"I really believe that sports events will come back much quicker than concerts and other events that attract a lot of people. That's why motorracing will return soon."

"In the short term, I think there will be Grands Prix without an audience. Later in the season there will be more spectators. Even if there can't be an audience, I think the Grand Prix in Zandvoort is going to be great".

Dutch fans give energy with enthusiasm

Because the Scotsman appears on Dutch television, he opens a bottle of Heineken on the occasion of his birthday and then praises the Dutch Grand Prix and the enthusiasm of the Dutch fans.

"It is a pity that the Dutch Grand Prix won't take place because of this. Everyone was so enthusiastic about it and hopefully they can find a place for it later on the calendar. This reminds the world that we have to be careful. The good news is that the Dutch will be the Dutch and they are a catalyst for fun all over the world. You will give the world a lot of energy."

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