Ecclestone would give up F1 season 2020: "All conversations about it should stop."

27-03-2020 18:55
by Editorial Team
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Ecclestone would give up F1 season 2020: All conversations about it should stop.

The organisation of Formula 1 has postponed all Grands Prix of the spring in recent weeks, with the emphasis on the word 'postponed'. They remain hopeful that they will be able to drive these races later in the year. However, Bernie Ecclestone has little confidence in this and would give up the whole season.

"What would I do right now? I have to say that I think we should stop all talk about possible races this year. That's the only thing you can do safely for everyone before they start making appointments that eventually don't happen anyway," says Ecclestone in conversation with Reuters.

So the former boss of Formula 1 would like to avoid people investing unnecessarily and starting preparations. The fact that other major sporting events have also been postponed to 2021 is a sign to him. "They had to do the same for the Olympics of course. It's a pity, but it's no different."

Promotors are an obstacle

For the time being, however, Formula 1 is betting on a shortened season of some eighteen races. The traditional summer break and possibly the winter months will then have to be used to complete the calendar. Ecclestone says that in theory this might be possible, but it will encounter a lot of resistance.

"I'd be very surprised if they still manage that. I hope they do, I really do. They can have three or four races at the beginning of next year and let them count for the 2020 season. However, finding a promoter who is willing to let the event go ahead will be the big problem".

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