Abiteboul doesn't understand speculation about Renault: "Wonder why that is"

27-03-2020 08:24 | Updated: 27-03-2020 08:53
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Abiteboul doesn't understand speculation about Renault: Wonder why that is

According to many, the future of Renault in Formula 1 would be uncertain. Performance on the track is poor and the parent company is involved in a management scandal. However, if we can believe Cyril Abiteboul, we don't have to worry.

The interview with Autocar was conducted before the coronavirus crisis. According to Renault's team boss, the entire car manufacturing industry is currently under pressure. "But are we really struggling more than Daimler? (the parent company of Mercedes)", Abiteboul wonders. "I'm not sure."

Abiteboul gets a bit tired of all the questions that keep coming up about the future of Renault, but at the same time he realizes that he can put an end to it himself. "It's down to us to crystallise our potential, starting with our performance. If our performance was better, we would have to respond to fewer questions of this type."

But at the same time, Abiteboul doesn't understand

Still, the French top guy remarkably often finds Renault the centre of speculation. "It (the car manufacturing industry) is a pressure for all ten teams. But there's something a bit awkward about Renault. It feels to me that we have to respond to that question much more. And I wonder why," Abiteboul expresses his frustrations. "We have been in F1 for 42 years in some shape or form and the reality is we're well established with two factories, we're now a group of 1200 people and we're well advanced, not only for this year but into next."

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