Tost explains absence AlphaTauri drivers: "Kvyat just doesn't like it"

26-03-2020 17:06 | Updated: 26-03-2020 18:09
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Tost explains absence AlphaTauri drivers: Kvyat just doesn't like it

Now that all motorsport for the COVID-19 coronavirus is down, online alternatives are being organised. Especially drivers under the age of 30 are interested in this. However, the older guard doesn't understand much about it, as does team boss Franz Tost of AlphaTauri.

The Austrian did not see the races this weekend. According to him one of the reasons is that he can't receive the Austrian channel that broadcasts it live. Apparently, he missed out on the fact that everything could also be followed on the internet. The 64-year-old Tost has been forgiven. He does see that the virtual world has potential.

"I haven't seen the race because I'm not receiving ORF Sport+ here", Tost said to "It's not my world, I imagine something completely different in motorsport. Today's youth is interested in this, which is why we have our own e-team. Two years ago we won a number of races in that championship and we competed at the front".

AlphaTauri wants to make money with sim racing in the future

"It's a future market that's also interesting for the sponsors. You can use it to arouse interest in motorsport among young fans. We are currently working on a construction that will allow us to cover the costs for this".

The drivers of AlphaTauri did not participate in the virtual Grand Prix of Bahrain this weekend either, but took that decision of their own accord. "I called our drivers, but they didn't want to do it. Pierre is already driving in simulators, but he didn't have the facilities to participate and Daniil just doesn't like it".

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