McLaren staff is safe at home again: ''Thanks for all the support''

26-03-2020 10:59 | Updated: 26-03-2020 13:14
by Editorial Team
McLaren staff is safe at home again: ''Thanks for all the support''

McLaren was the first team brave enough to pull the plug on the Australian Grand Prix and even had to contend with infected staff. However, the team now reports that everyone as made it back home safely.

McLaren staff is back home

One infection eventually led to several McLaren employees having to be quarantined. Where all the people of the Formula 1 could go home after the cancelation of the Australian GP, the staff of McLaren had to stay behind in Australia and therefore didn't see their family and friends for two weeks.

McLaren now reports on their Twitter channel that the staff members have safely returned home and are back together with family again. In addition to the staff who had to be quarantined, the members of the management are now also returning, who had stayed with the staff out of solidarity. McLaren thanks everyone for the enormous amount of support they have received over the past period.

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