Ricciardo uses spare time to set up training camp

25-03-2020 16:28
by Lennard Verhage
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Ricciardo uses spare time to set up training camp

Daniel Ricciardo sits at home like all the other drivers and where Max Verstappen and Lando Norris mainly kill their time with their participation in digital races, Daniel Ricciardo is busy training. He now has more time for training then usual and he is making full use of that time, he says in the Renault Q&A at Instagram.

Keep on training

Ricciardo is currently working on his physical condition. It provides the right mindset that is needed when the season is about to start. "I'm keeping myself fit. It will probably take some time before we race again, but I won't allow myself to go back into holiday mode".

"Training is definitely what makes for a competitive mindset. There's some anger going out when you're training, so that's my medicine now. It's perfect to get in shape now." Because travel is limited, life is now more stable for the driver, he says: "We are forced to stay inside, there is no jet lag, there are no airports".

"We can really make a training camp now, something we can't always do. It's nice to know we have time, so we don't have to rush." In this way Ricciardo gets some advantage out of the situation.

He also states that in general people will be a lot fitter later on. "I think you will see a lot of drivers, and also people, who - when this is over - will look a lot fitter.

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