RB16: 'Red Bull have successfully made a lighter design'

24-03-2020 21:09
by GPblog.com
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RB16: 'Red Bull have successfully made a lighter design'

After analysing the front wheel suspensions of the top three Formula 1 teams, the Italian branch of Motorsport.com report that Red Bull Racing have made an 'adventurous' design for the RB16.

The Italian medium sees from the designs that both Red Bull and Mercedes were more daring in designing the front suspension, where Ferrari remained a little more conservative.

In the analysis of the RB16, the latest chassis of Adrian Newey, it is stated that the suspension has been designed completely new, "and the nose has become narrower and more square".

"The aluminium alloy also indicates that they frantically searched for a lighter design, with success. From a mechanical point of view Red Bull's solution isn't ideal, but it's the best compromise to generate much less air resistance with the chassis in the long run," the site writes in its analysis.

The new design should also be good for Max Verstappen's tyre wear during Grands Prix, and the engine should remain better cooled by the airflow from the new nose. 

"The extreme concepts that have been applied to every area of the nose are the reasons that this Red Bull can be seen as particularly courageous in design choice," the Italian website concludes.

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