BREAKING: Formula E is suspended for two months

13-03-2020 08:19
by Matt Gretton
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BREAKING: Formula E is suspended for two months

Formula E, together with the FIA, has officially decided to shut down the FE calendar for two months due to the coronavirus outbreak. This comes just one day after Formula 1 announced the cancellation of the Australian Grand Prix. Will the FIA make the same choice with F1?

The news was already expected, but initially, it was thought that certainty would only come after the weekend of the Australian GP. However, the statement was already made on Friday morning.

"The decision, made in coordination with the relevant local authorities to temporarily freeze races held in highly-populated cities, was taken as the most responsible course of action, due to the continued spread of coronavirus and the World Health Organisation officially declaring COVID-19 a pandemic," the statement reads. 

"With the well-being of staff, spectators and the entire championship workforce being the number one priority, precautionary measures put in place will restrict races from running during a set timeframe. Months marked as red flags are March and April, with May currently categorised as a yellow flag and both June and July given the green flag, should the situation improve and stabilise."

No racing in Paris 

As a result of this, no racing will take place in Paris or Seoul. The big question remains. What does this mean for Formula 1? Does the royal class of motorsport follow this example?

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