"You cannot say Max is better than Lewis"

10-03-2020 15:02
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You cannot say Max is better than Lewis

Nico Rosberg says that Max Verstappen isn't on Lewis Hamilton's level just yet, adding that his former teammate is on his way to becoming the greatest F1 driver of all time. Rosberg is one of the few drivers to beat Hamilton in equal machinery, taking a dramatic title win in 2016, but Hamilton has won the three championships since.

Verstappen seems to be Hamilton's main challenger, and is expected to give him a run for his money in 2020 as he looks to become the youngest world champion of all time.

Rosberg and Hamilton had a titanic battle during their time together at Mercedes and whilst Rosberg thinks that the Dutchman is close in talent to Hamilton, he's not quite on the same level.

Rosberg told the PA: "Max is the one guy in F1 who is on a similar level to Lewis. 

"He has that very rare exceptional talent that Lewis has - a once-in-a-generation talent - and if he has the right car, there is no question he will be a contender for the championship this season.

"But you cannot say that Max is a better driver than Lewis. Lewis is going on to become the best of all time so you cannot say that at all.

"Lewis is the absolute favourite to win the championship - but I have really high hopes that we can be in for a thrilling season. I am confident and optimistic that Red Bull and Ferrari can up their game and be on a level playing field with Mercedes."

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