Verstappen searches for a cause for the spin: "It was not my fault"

26-02-2020 19:05
by Matt Gretton
Verstappen searches for a cause for the spin: It was not my fault

Max Verstappen had another productive day inside the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing team. The problems that Alex Albon experienced during the morning session were solved and the team recorded some more decent lap times, including the second-fastest of the day. But the session didn't end smoothly for the Dutchman. 

Not busy with fast times yet

Last week, Verstappen said he and Red Bull Racing would turn up the heat on the car in the second week of testing. When asked if he had done so on the first day of testing in week two, Verstappen told GPblog and the rest of the press that they haven't yet focused on faster laps. 

“We have not been working on that yet. We are just busy doing more laps and trying some things to see what works well and what doesn't," Verstappen said. 

“Everything feels good, but it is very difficult to say whether it is good enough or not. There is a lot of grip, but the other cars also have that. We have to wait a while for Melbourne because the tests actually say nothing at all."

Another Verstappen spin

To end the session, Verstappen spun and it seemed to be a result of an engine problem. Verstappen gives the impression that he thinks this as well. 

"I have no idea what happened, suddenly I was just spinning, but that was not my fault. The car is not even back, so we have to see what was going on," he added. 

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