F1 Social Check: The weather forecast for the second week of testing

24-02-2020 13:11 | Updated: 25-02-2020 08:31
by Matt Gretton
F1 Social Check: The weather forecast for the second week of testing

The Formula 1 season is coming! We're half-way through winter testing and teams are starting to prepare for the second week in Barcelona. After week one, Mercedes, Racing Point and Aston Martin Red Bull Racing looked strong, but what will happen in the second week? In the F1 Social Check, we'll keep you up to date with what is happening with the teams and drivers as we move towards the Australian Grand Prix

Weather Forecast

Last week, F1 teams and drivers were blessed with constant sunshine. After the first few hours, the track had enough heat in it to create realistic data. It was almost perfect test conditions. This week looks a little cooler with some cloud cover. 


Dangerous tricks

Red Bull Racing have posted a video of Max Verstappen moving cans of the energy drink from one place to another while on a balance board. The Dutchman falls off uninjured, but Christian Horner may have been looking through his fingers hoping his star driver doesn't get a silly injury just as the season gets going. 

Mercedes up their preparations 

Mercedes raised eyebrows during the first week of testing in Spain. They showcased their new DAS system which saw Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas pull and push the steering wheel to move the front wheels slightly on the straights. Will Mercedes continue to use in the second week of testing? We'll see...


Will Mercedes continue to dominate from 2021 when the new regulations come in?

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