"Mercedes wouldn't start designing something that they think could get banned"

24-02-2020 11:28 | Updated: 24-02-2020 12:27
by Louis Shaw
Mercedes wouldn't start designing something that they think could get banned

Valtteri Bottas has no questions over the legality of the Mercedes DAS system. The reigning champions have turned up with a new steering system and some teams have been critical as to how legal it is. However, Mercedes worked closely with the FIA to ensure it was compliant with the rules. 

“When a team brings something new, there’s always going to talk about whether it’s legal or not," said Bottas in an interview with Autosport.  "I don't think that our team would start making and designing something that they think would get banned, so I think we’re pretty comfortable that it’s within the rules and for sure, for the other teams it is something to think about."

The other teams on the grid have two options. Complain about DAS or try and implement it in their cars. 

"I'm sure they're all evaluating if it's worth investing that amount of time and effort to try and make it for this year or not," explained Bottas.

"For us, it was a pretty big project, and it would be pretty difficult to copy. I hope we can have an edge with that. We're in a good place with that ahead of the other teams."

It is thought that the DAS system will be a huge benefit to Mercedes and will be a key part in their bid for another championship. 

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