Sebastian Vettel says DAS is not "the ticket to win"

23-02-2020 12:09
by Adam Newton
Sebastian Vettel says DAS is not the ticket to win

Sebastian Vettel says that Mercedes' DAS system is a good idea but not an innovation that will make Mercedes unstoppable. The moving steering wheel changes the angle of the front tyres and has been the talk of the first test as teams consider whether to copy the idea.

The system has been in the works at Mercedes for nearly a year according to Valtteri Bottas, but Ferrari man Sebastian Vettel doesn't think it will make the Silver Arrows unstoppable.

He told media in Barcelona: "I think it's much more dependent what you have around it, so the car you have, you are sitting in the car you have around that (DAS).

"Maybe I'm underestimating but I don't think this is the ticket to win. I think there's a lot more elements to building a competitive car, but for sure it's an innovation and we will see whether it's something that everyone has to pick up on or not."

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