Russell still cautious: "Not about making a nice car but rather a quick car"

21-02-2020 18:10
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
Russell still cautious: Not about making a nice car but rather a quick car

People in the garage at Williams seem to be in high spirits after what was a promising first week of testing, but driver George Russell remains cautious as he underlines it's all about performance rather than how nice a car drives.

Russell has already lapped the Circuit de Catalunya almost a full second quicker than he did in qualifying last season in the FW42, and it is expected all teams' performance will only get better in week two of testing next Wednesday onwards.

The young Brit, who has never been out-qualified in his time at Williams, explains the main difference between the two cars in his experience.

"I'd enter a corner [and] the rear-end would be moving about," the 22-year-old remembers his 2019 car.

"I couldn't attack the corners. Now, the car feels more planted, more together. It's just a nicer car to drive."

Despite all the positivity currently surrounding Williams after what has been a largely negative two years, Russell remains cautious in his predictions for the upcoming season, stating a better car to drive does not necessarily mean anything.

"It's not about making a nice car, it's about making a fast car, so we'll find out soon."


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