Vettel: "Mercedes trick seems legal and not easy to copy"

20-02-2020 18:58
by Matt Gretton
Vettel: Mercedes trick seems legal and not easy to copy

Sebastian Vettel is impressed by the DAS system from Mercedes. The Ferrari driver calls it "innovative" and suspects that the concept is legal. Moreover, the 32-year-old driver states that it will not be easy to copy for the competition.

"I had the flu for a week, but today it wasn't a problem," Vettel explains when talking to the media in Barcelona. "We did our program and I gained my first experience with the car. At the moment we are satisfied with what we have found."

Vettel suspects that DAS is legal

The four-time world champion was of course also asked about his findings of the Mercedes DAS system. "I've seen it and the fact that they use it makes me think it's legal. It's probably not as easy for the driver to use as it seems. We'll see. It's definitely an innovation for everyone."

When asked how soon we will see the concept of the Mercedes steering wheel in the Italian racing garage, Vettel replies: "I don't know how easy it is to copy. We talked about it at lunch and I don't think it would it seems so strange to use it. I think it makes more sense for the rider to keep his hands on the wheel," says Vettel

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