Racing Point factory is "buzzing with excitement" ahead of 2020 F1 season

18-02-2020 11:09
by Matt Gretton
Racing Point factory is buzzing with excitement ahead of 2020 F1 season

According to boss Otmar Szafnauer, Racing Point are "buzzing" about the start of a new Formula 1 season. Winter testing starts on Wednesday as the preparation for the start of the season begins to get really serious. 

Szafnauer confirms that changes have been made to the Pink Panther which both Lance Stroll and Sergio Perez will drive throughout the season. He reports a lot of hard work has been undertaken through the winter. 

“The winter break is never really a break. In fact, it’s the busiest time in the factory! Our Silverstone base is buzzing with excitement right now and we always enjoy it when we see a new car come to life," he explained. 

Regulation changes

Hardly anything has changed regulation wise. Even the tyres will remain the same after the teams voted against the proposed 2020 rubbers. But this hasn't reduced the workload in the Racing Point garage. 

"Even though we have more stable regulations for this season, much of the RP20 is new and has a distinct visual difference to its 2019 predecessor. We’ve always been an ambitious team and, with continual investment in infrastructure, we now have a better in-house capacity. As such, our expectations are much higher – especially since 2019 was compromised by the hangovers of the previous season and transition of ownership," he added. 

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