F1 Social Check: On-board galore with as teams complete filming days!

16-02-2020 09:35 | Updated: 16-02-2020 15:14
by Matt Gretton
F1 Social Check: On-board galore with as teams complete filming days!

Later this week, we will see all Formula 1 cars on track for the first time in 2020. Winter testing is about to begin and the season comes ever closer! In the latest F1 Social Check, McLaren have shown their new car coming out on track for the first time while Mercedes and AlphaTauri have shown us on-board footage of their 2020 challengers.

Russell's busy day

Before catching a flight to Barcelona for winter testing next week, Williams driver George Russell had a busy day at the team's factory in Grove. Watch the young Brit, who turned 22 years old yesterday, as he does his seat fitting and explains the many functions of an F1 steering wheel.

We've already seen Lewis Hamilton's on-board at Silverstone and Pierre Gasly's helmet cam in his shakedown, and now it's Daniil Kvyat's turn to take us on board for a not-very-hot lap!

Film Day for McLaren

Each team gets a film day across the season, with most opting to take it during this week. Each car can only drive 100km during the day. Ferrari usually opts for there's during the build-up to the Italian Grand Prix while Mercedes and Aston Martin Red Bull Racing took there's at Silverstone last week. McLaren becomes the latest team to turn their car on. 

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