Mercedes won't change car before testing as they did in 2019!

14-02-2020 16:15
by Adam Newton
F1 News
Mercedes won't change car before testing as they did in 2019!

Mercedes' technical director James Allison says that they won't be making big changes to their car between testing and the first race of the year as they did in 2019, due to the consistency of the regulations between 2019 and 2020. Mercedes turned up to the 2019 Australian Grand Prix with a very different car to the one they showed off at testing.

However, Allison says that whilst they will have upgrades to go on the car before the opening race in Mebourne, they won't make the same massive changes.

He said: "We will still have upgrades for Melbourne that will come in the second week of testing, but the entire new car approach of 2019 won't feature.

"Last year, the regulations were changed quite significantly, and they were decided quite late in the year.

"Under those circumstances, doing a launch car and a week two car gave us the chance to build the maximum amount of learning into our Melbourne car.

"With the regulations being more mature this year, and with the opening stab of the 2020 development already being at the same level as the finish of last year's car, repeating last year's approach would not make sense."

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