How does last season's McLaren compare to the MCL35?

13-02-2020 18:02
by Joseph Tyrrell
F1 News
How does last season's McLaren compare to the MCL35?

McLaren were the third team to launch their new 2020 challenger as they unveiled the MCL35 at their HQ in Woking. But how does their 2020 car compare to the one which saw them finish fourth in the Constructors' Championship last season?

What has changed? 

Last season's McLaren featured a mix of the bright papaya and the slick metallic blue, the latter dominating the rear of the car. This season however the papaya takes centre stage, with the blue relegated to a supporting role on the car but it will be far more prominent on the drivers' overalls. 

The Coca Cola sponsor was one of the eye-catching sponsors on the 2019 edition, but it won't feature this season. Dell, Huski Chocolates and Estrella Galicia are all prominent on this season's McLaren.

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