Ferrari drivers "are free to race against each other" in 2020

13-02-2020 08:01 | Updated: 13-02-2020 08:31
by Louis Shaw
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Ferrari drivers are free to race against each other in 2020

Charles Leclerc is arguably one of the most exciting drivers on the grid. He has signed with Ferrari for five years and many believe that he will be a key part of Formula 1's future. Having beaten Sebastian Vettel last season, he will be looking to do the same and he can confirm that Ferrari will let the two of them race. 

"We understood the lesson from what happened in Brazil," Leclerc said to "It is true, we are free to race against each other, but we are also teammates and there are many people who work to allow us to do our best on the track.

"For this, episodes like that of Interlagos no longer have to happen. Probably, I think we will both keep more room to try to always stay safe from these situations."

Will Leclerc beat Vettel? 

Leclerc proved last season that he can beat a world champion driver. If he can do the same this year then there is no reason why he won't be the one who is competing for the title. 

It is great to see that Ferrari will let their drivers race and it will be interesting to see who comes out on top. 

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