'Postponement Chinese Grand Prix to cause triple header in F1 calendar'

12-02-2020 12:41
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
F1 News
'Postponement Chinese Grand Prix to cause triple header in F1 calendar'

The Chinese Grand Prix has been postponed because of the coronavirus outbreak and will have to be held later in the year, although this would mean a lot of congestion in the middle part of the F1 calendar.

It seems like a solution has been found, according to QIAN Jun, who had previously reported all sporting events in China were to be postponed and a meeting with the FOM was due to be held about the Grand Prix. 

Triple Header

The race in Shanghai will either be held in the middle of September or at the start of October, presenting a real challenge as it would mean there will be another triple header - back-to-back-to-back Grand Prix weekends.

Should the race be held in the middle of September, the triple-header would be Belgium, Italy and China. At the start of October, the triple-header would be Russia, China and Japan in that order.

The only triple-header in F1 history took place in 2018, when the Austrian, French and British Grand Prix where held in the space of 14 days.

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