Ferrari F1 car for 2020 "has a completely new design"

10-02-2020 08:09
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Ferrari F1 car for 2020 has a completely new design

Last year's Ferrari car was quick. The straight-line speed was eyebrow-raising, but the Italians couldn't find a balance around the corners. A lack of downforce meant that Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc limped to only three wins out of 21 races. And this is why the team will come with a completely different design for 2020. 

The new Ferrari car will be revealed on Tuesday. Flashback 12 months and they launched a very impressive challenger for the winter tests and were favourites to beat Mercedes in Australia. But that wasn't the case. 

The team had opted for a philosophy of efficiency. Hereby as much downward pressure as possible is generated with as little air resistance as possible. This produced a particularly high top speed, but Ferrari lost too much speed in the corners.

Design that resembles that of Red Bull Racing?

By the end of the season, the team was already trying to correct this by trying to generate more downward pressure with the then design. However, for 2020 the entire design will be adjusted accordingly. According to rumours from the Italian media, the new Ferrari would look a lot like an Aston Martin Red Bull Racing car, with the car leaning far forward.

Piero Ferrari, the only living son of Enzo Ferrari, now confirms to Corriere Dello Sport that the team has indeed taken a different path. “The car for this year is a completely new design. We hope we have done everything to eliminate the problems of last year. I think good work has been done, at least we hope so."

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